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KTaylor Renderings, LLC, Helps Bring Mitch Leigh's Dream Village to Life!!


KTaylor Renderings, LLC, was a key team member responsible for bringing Mitch Leigh's "Dream Village" to life!  Mitch's vision is to create a green community where really nice people can come to live, work, play, shop and enjoy a truly unique and culture-based lifestlye with like-minded individuals and families.


A total of 7 different neighborhoods offer a multitude of living options to own or rent, including apartments and townhomes that provide for town and country lifestyles.  


The renderings below speak to the details of Mitch's dream that include arts, sporting venues, theaters, movies, gyms, music, dance, fine dining, shopping, hiking and biking trails, lake activities and more!


Let's TEAM UP today to discuss your project and discover ways to exceed YOUR goals!


Call us today at 908-236-0100.  



Here's what one client had to say:


“Karen Taylor’s work is superb.  Her renderings capture the beauty and feel of the product and the place.”


- Tom B.

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